Suffering online dating burnout? Here are some helpful tips…..

Like anything in life, we can at times become tired of online dating and lose our motivation to keep searching for a love interest. That’s OK! You are human and sometimes we need a break from our daily routine and life in general. It’s perfectly normal. So if you are feeling tired of the same old faces with online dating and nothing much excites you, here are some helpful tips:

– Plan a weekend away with a friend
– Pamper yourself with a facial or massage. You deserve it!
– Go shopping. Retail therapy is a great distraction
– Rent or buy a movie that is light, funny or inspirational. (“We’re the Millers” works for me).
– Read a good book and chill
– Plan a night out with friends

Remember, we all have our ups and downs in every part of our lives. Taking a little break helps gain a new perspective on things and get our mojo back!