You have found a true match online and now it’s time to meet……

You have been sending and receiving winks from various love interests, but there is that special one that has caught your eye. You keep messaging each other and you can’t stop thinking about him. It’s come to that time when you want to take it to the next stage – a meeting. While the eagerness to meet excites you, you are understandably also feeling anxious. Don’t worry, we have some tips to help prepare you for your first date:

– Try and focus on what connected you to him. This is important as it’s what set him apart from the rest. This will help you stay positive and keep the negative thoughts at bay
– Choose a casual location. We recommend a day time meeting like an afternoon beverage in a cafe. (Remember to also choose a venue that you don’t frequent just in case).
– Be safe and let someone know who, when and where you are meeting
– Keep it light and have fun. Ask open questions and talk about subjects like travel, work and career, family and friends, your favourite movies. Stay calm and relaxed and conversation will flow.
– Chat with your friends beforehand as they can help you prepare
– Be present. Dating should be fun and an experience. Enjoy meeting new people and having different conversations. It all helps in your journey to finding true love
– If he ends up being a loser, don’t worry. It’s a process! Keep going, you will find your true match. Remember to have fun along the way.