“Laughing in the face of chaos”

Here’s a little something from Justin Brown of Ideapod whose interpretation of Ruda Lande’s book, “Laughing in the Face of Chaos” offers an interesting perspective on life.  We hope you find this helpful during these stressful times.

Laughing in the Face of Chaos – article by Justin Brown

I came across this beautiful quote from Ruda Lande and wanted to share it with you:

“Don’t take this journey so seriously. Let’s make it fun! It can be like a game. There will be moments when you will be asked to be bold and courageous but having a sense of humor will be equally essential. Remember that everything you have is this moment—all of your goals, everything that matters so much to you—will lose its importance over time anyway. Take a deep breath and feel your heartbeat, your body, your emotions, your mind. Relax. There is no need to change anything, no need to feel different. For just a moment, you can just be here. Embrace your life and let your life embrace you!”

I think it’s easy to get fooled into thinking that the purpose of life is to achieve our goals. We think that what really matters is getting a promotion at work, making more money or getting recognition for our accomplishments. These things are nice. But when we live for the purpose of achieving these things, we can easily be let down.

How do you feel when you fail to achieve your goals? What happens when your accomplishments don’t eventuate? Instead of defining our identities around our goals and accomplishments, I think what matters much more is how we live our lives.

That’s why I love Ruda Lande’s first book. It’s a profound critique of modern-day society, offering a guide for turning inwards and living with personal power and authenticity.

I learned from Rudá that what really matters in life is embracing everything you do, good or bad, without getting disheartened. After all, it’s the challenges in life that shape us and help us grow.

We can also approach our lives with a sense of detachment without taking it all so seriously!

All the best,
Justin Brown