10 Ways to win over a girl who has rejected you

ATTENTION ALL MALES – Here are 8 ways to win over a girl who rejected you! You took the plunge and finally asked her out. Your heart was racing, your hands sweaty…you thought she was sure to say yes. But she didn’t. In a split second, all your dreams were shattered. Well, don’t lose faith, we’ve got 8 ways to win over a girl who rejected you.  1) Give her space and stop pursuing her She’s just turned you down.

The rules of life

Hello member, I came across an interesting read from Justin Brown of Ideapod.  He refers to a few “rules of life” that I want to share with you: Get married before 30. when you are ready Retire with enough money. memories Become rich. what makes you happy Fall in love with someone beautiful. how wonderful I am Make many friends. real connections Happiness lies in big moments. the little things Find someone who loves you. yourself and love yourself This is a quite simple description of the vision for personal development. The aim is