The importance of humour in a relationship

Research on relationships suggests humour doesn’t just land you that first date or first kiss, it’s also associated with keeping a relationship together. When we eulogise someone’s life, having a sense of humour still stands out. When reflecting on the life of a loved one, we tend to treasure their capacity to laugh and make others laugh. Why are we so serious about not being too serious? One reason is that laughter is enjoyable and laughing with someone is even more

What to do when there’s no chemistry: An honest guide

Here’s a great article by Genefe Navilon, on “chemistry” and what really makes us fall in love (Jan 2020). You know how in the movies and novels, boy meets girls, sparks fly, and they’re instantly crazy about each other? That’s basically how we’re made to look at love. It’s either you have insane chemistry with another person, or it’s just not good enough. But what if you meet someone who seems to tick all of your boxes, but you just